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Original Recordings

* denotes Gold status (500,000 or more in sales)
+ denotes Platinum status (over 1 million in sales)

       Self-titled debut* (1973) featuring Can't You See, Take the Highway & Ramblin'       

       A New Life* (1974) - Blue Ridge Mountain Sky & 24 Hours at a Time              

     MTB WWAB Cover.jpg (212531 bytes) Where We All Belong* (1974) - live classic 24 Hours and studio favorite This Ol Cowboy

       Searchin' For a Rainbow* (1975) - first Top 40 hit Fire on the Mountain & Virginia

       Long Hard Ride (1976) - Grammy nominated title tune & Am I The Kind of Man                   

       Carolina Dreams+ (1977) - Top 20 hit Heard It In a Love Song & Desert Skies

       Greatest Hits+ (1978) - all studio, LP versions                 

       Together Forever* (1978) - Singing Rhymes, Dream Lover & I'll Be Loving You                   

       Running Like the Wind (1979) - Last of the Singing Cowboys & Unto These Hills                                

        Tenth (1980) - last CD with Tommy.  See You One More Time, Cattle Drive                     

       Dedicated (1981) - Silverado, Special Someone, Ride in Peace

       Tuckerized (1982) - Sweet Elaine, Unforgiven, Ace High Love

       Just Us (1983) - 8:05, Long Island Lady, Testify, Wait For You, Paradise     

       Greetings from South Carolina (1983) - Carolona Sunset, Rollin' River

       Still Holdin' On (1987) - country radio hit Once You et the Feel Of It             

     southern_spirit_cvr.jpg (152834 bytes)  Southern Spirit (1990) - Stay in the Country, County Road, Destruction         

     still_smokin_cover.jpg (186812 bytes)  Still Smokin' (1992) - CMT hit Driving You Out of My Mind, Tan Yard Road,

       Walk Outside the Lines (1993) - country radio hit co-written by Garth Brooks                         

      Best of "The Capricorn Years" (1994) - 2 discs, 28 songs from first 7 albums!                 

     Face Down in the Blues (1998) - adult contemporary hit Love I Gave to You

       Gospel (1999) - Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad, Wayfaring Stranger                        

     SRO.jpg (29950 bytes)  Stomping Room Only (2003) - Vintage live material recorded from '74 - '76                      

Beyond the Horizon (2004) - All new studio material featuring Ride of Your Life & Give It All You've Got

Live! From the Garden State (2004) - DVD of the classic 1981 concert originally aired on MTV!

Anthology (2005) - Spans he band's entire career from the debut album through Beyond the Horizon

Carolina Christmas (2005) - Originals & Classics, done the Tucker way!

Where a Country Boy Belongs (2006) - compilation of all the great country songs by MTB plus two new studio tracks!

Live on Long Island (2006) - The last concert featuring the original line-up, recorded at Nassau Coliseum in April, 1980

The Next Adventure (2007) - Great studio release featuring I Love You That Way

The Carolina Dreams Tour ' 77 (2008) - Audio CD (2 discs) and DVD!

Way Out West! (2010) - Vintage live show from Winterland 1973 with intro by Bill Graham

  Rarities Review - Soundtracks, B-sides, Etc

 U.S. Compilations

            cntry_tckr.jpg (32644 bytes)  Country Tucker (1996)              mt_blues.jpg (21738 bytes)  M.T. Blues (1997)

            mtb_cdb_b2b.jpg (39505 bytes)  Back to Back (1992) mtb_abb_b2b.jpg (9831 bytes)  Back To Back (1997)

Thunder_Road_Reduced.jpg (21003 bytes)  Thunder Road (2001) - two MTB songs.  New version of Long Hard Ride & Drive On 

      hank_jr_trib.jpg (79742 bytes)  Hank Jr, Tribute (2003) - one MTB song, All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down

 Import Compilations

          mill_coll_import.jpg (22889 bytes)  Millenium (1999)           love_song_import.jpg (43319 bytes) Heard It In a Love Song (1998)

          fire_Mtn_import.jpg (41705 bytes)  Fire on the Mountain (1998)

Import "Bootlegs"

         Nassau_76.jpg (73285 bytes)  Live at Nassau Coliseum         silverado_cover.jpg (83475 bytes)  Silverado

Solo Projects

     Toy Caldwell

        Son of the South (1992) - Toy's only solo studio CD.  Shadow Rider, Mexico 

     cant_you_see.jpg (31861 bytes)   Can't You See (1998) - live show from Spartanburg, recorded in 1992

     George McCorkle

       American Street (1999).  Includes Fire on the Mountain and an ode to Toy Caldwell

     Chris Hicks

     loose_change_redux.jpg (74431 bytes)  Loose Change (1987)        

     funky_brdwy_rdu.jpg (26791 bytes)  Funky Broadway (1996)

     Stuart Swanlund & The Tone Generators

     tone_generators.jpg (32391 bytes)  Burning Daylight (2001).  Includes 10-minute cover of My Jesus Told Me So!

MTB Related CDs

          Seven Moore

      7moore_cvr_rdu.jpg (37387 bytes)  Self-titled CD (2002) features Jerry Eubanks and Paul Riddle

     Clay Cook

      self_serving.gif (5722 bytes)  Self Serving (2003).  Doug's nephew and former member of MTB

     Nasty Nedd

      nasty_nedd_cover_rdu.jpg (102161 bytes)  It's Tough To Be Me (1996).  Spartanburg band produced by Rusty Milner.

     Bruce Marshall (former member of Toy Caldwell Band)

       love_the_ride_sm.jpg (14984 bytes)  Love of the Ride (1993).  Features TCBand on Welcome to the Human Race                

       kalispell_sm.jpg (12662 bytes)  Kalispell (2003).  Features a great cover of This Ol Cowboy

     Mickey Fowler

       mickey_fowler_cd_rdu.jpg (52153 bytes)  Mickey Fowler (2002).  Features rare song written by Toy Caldwell 

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